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Wheel Fanatyk Spoke Blanks


Spoke blanks are fuel for wheel building. A modest inventory of blanks plus a spoke machine can replace tens of thousands of dollars of spoke inventory. You can make any length, even fractions of a millimeter.

Our blanks are made for custom, high end wheels. The finest wire available is sent to an experienced spoke manufacturer who makes blanks to our specifications. It's as good as it gets.

We offer DB14 (double butted, 2.0mm x 1.8mm x 2.0mm) stainless in black and silver, J-bend only, in two lengths:

  • 268mm—to make 248–268
  • 310mm—to make 269–310

Because the butted center is 1.8mm diameter, you can also trim these blanks and thread the 15G center, making a single butted spoke—2.0mm elbow with 15G thread. Use a 15G nipple, which is stronger (thicker walls) than 14G. Single butted spokes are approximately the same weight as double butted, length for length.

2.0mm 302 stainless wire, cold forged elbow, swaged to 1.8mm (butted), then polished to a high luster. Black spokes are a special (low temperature), deep and uniform black oxide coating.

Our initial production is threaded. While this contradicts the term "blanks," any spoke machine can trim and rethread less than 10mm. Pre-existing threads do not interfere. In fact, threading machines like this, using the partial thread to align and register new threads. Threading is smoother and lower effort. And the resultant spoke is 100%, both visually and functionally.

For additional background and design information, please check here.

Spokes are sold in a bag of 10, a box of 100, or a box of 500.

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