The MADE Show was fantastic. So glad to see so many inspired builders of frames and wheels!



We specialize in wheel building tools. Many are exclusive and all are used and approved by expert builders worldwide. The craft of bicycle wheel building is in a renaissance. Please enjoy our selection of some of its most clever and useful devices.

The founder and owner here is me, Ric Hjertberg. I’m lucky to count many of the world’s best builders as friends. We’re proud of the high standards of this craft and its contribution to the joy of cycling. Sharing got us into this trade and sharing is how to make it better and keep it going.

I hope you feel comfortable, visit often, and join the conversation. I value your input and hope this work empowers yours!



We aspire to minimize our ecological impact. While there is environmental cost in manufacturing, we use as much nature-derived, non-toxic, recyclable, and compostable product as possible. If you receive unsustainable bubble wrap or plastic bags from us, it's probably because we received and are now reusing them. Reuse extends the lifecycles of these less desirable materials. 

We welcome advice on less toxic and more sustainable practices.