Wheel Fanatyk depends on a broad network of bicycle mechanics and wheel specialists who are generous with their discoveries and insights. This collective wisdom is funneled into a large library about the what and how of bicycles and, especially, their wheels. Dive deep, offer corrections and alternatives, and share widely!

Our commercial specialty is wheel oriented tools. Many are exclusive and all are used and approved by clever builders worldwide. Feedback has built this store and we hope you find it intriguing and useful. 

The voice behind much of what you find here is me, Ric Hjertberg. I’m lucky to count many of the world’s best builders as friends. We’re proud of the high standards of this craft and its contribution to the adventures of so many riders. Sharing got us into this trade and sharing is how to make it better and keep it going.

I hope you feel comfortable here, visit often, and join the conversation. I need your input and support and hope this work empowers yours!


Port Hadlock, Washington