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Wheel Fanatyk SCT Machine


The Morizumi spoke cutting and threading (SCT) machine comes complete, over 600 are in worldwide use, and they crank out thousands of custom length spokes each day. Join this happy community of spoke makers.

The most recent features are a digital readout and a digital counter. These sell for $310 for retrofit to any machine and are standard on new SCT's which are now $200 more. No more mistakes when it comes to spoke length, maintenance, and die wear. These are huge advances in function and accuracy and are highly recommended!

We believe no other spoke machine rivals the tool by Morizumi Masakazu—designed by a perfectionist with a career of spoke manufacturing experience. Mr Morizumi learned his trade at Asahi Spoke in Japan (partner of Wheelsmith for 25yrs). The design offers features not available in other machines (no others were designed by a spoke maker)—created for high output and compact for a workshop. Users enjoy near 100% satisfaction, exceptional quality, and superb finish. Please visit the articles in our library about this unique tool. To download the current Operation Manual, click here. A quick video tour is here.

  • Spoke cutting is ultra precise for both J-bend and straight pull spokes. The cutter is a two part shear. One die is round and supports the spoke shaft. Across its ground face slides a hardened blade. The cut is accurate and perpendicular.
  • Spoke gauge is set in seconds by moving a toggle switch up or down. Each machine can be set up for a pair of gauges—14/15G, 13/14G, or 12/13G.
  • Thread depth is micro-adjustable supporting longer die life and off-diameter wire can be used.
  • Threading is fast and easy. Combined with cutting to length, our machine supports production rates of 400-500 spokes per hour with unsurpassed consistency and lack of jamming.
  • The machine is easily cleaned. It is quick to fully disassemble for inspection and cleaning—no tools required.
  • Threading dies are extremely long lived. Dies are good for 20k-100k threadings depending on gauge and spoke hardness.
  • The ruler for spoke cutting is equipped with a magnifier (easy to cut with 0.5mm accuracy) and a DRO (digital readout) display to increase accuracy to +/- 0.1mm AND significantly reduce eye strain and parallax viewing errors. More details here.
  • Included: stainless base pan, 250ml oiler, 40X illuminated magnifier, 6-piece Wera allen wrench set, bronze bristle brush, and 25pg Operation Manual.

It takes about one week to ship a machine as each is built to order.

Each SCT ships with seven accessories (available separately):

  • Oiler—250ml high pressure oil gun.
  • Thread Inspector—illuminated, 20X magnifier to check threads.
  • SS Base Tray—heavy gauge polished tray pre-drilled for mounting.
  • 6 Wera Hex-Plus allen keys for adjustments and service.
  • Bronze bristle brush for cleaning the working die surfaces.
  • DRO display for spoke length.
  • Digital counter to record use.

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