Abbey Lacing Stands are here, USA made and $100 cheaper!

Wheel Fanatyk Nipple Shuffler


A classic, time saving, wheel build device. Watch lacing with a shuffler. Wheel Fanatyk offers a beautiful  version of this handy building aid. You'll never regret using it. We make shufflers in four wood varieties. Formerly, they were from remnants available to us at low cost. Now that shufflers are more popular, we pay market price for these fine woods which has driven our price up. They are still made by hand to high precision, no CNC involved. We are sure you will agree their value in your workshop is well worth the price. Function and durability are identical among all types. You might also consider our 4" x 4" wood tray and nipple driver (a bearing handled brass pin vise, and two nipple tips for shallow and deeper rims. Tips can be made from any 13g spoke section).

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