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Tensiometer data output cables


Tension data can be outputted to a computer by typing each reading into the Islandix tension utility or with a dedicated cable system. For our Digital tensiometer, order the Digital foot pedal system (500-1114). This is our most popular model. 

Foot pedal systems consist of 3 parts:
  1. Cable with mini-USB plug at one end to connect to the gauge and a ten pin end to connect to
  2. Second cable wired to a data box. Its cable end is USB to connect to a computer, and
  3. Foot pedal with a 5' wire to connect to the data box.

Our Digimatic (Mitutoyo) suits those needing compatibility with Islandix products.  

The Mitutoyo-equipped gauge uses the Digmatic output system (500-1113)—consisting of 3 parts as described above. Both cables from the output systems are available separately. These connect the gauges to the data boxes. They aren't interchangeable even though both end in 10 pin connectors.


Lastly, there is a Mitutoyo cable (500-1111) that requires pushing a button at the gauge end for output—awkward compared to a foot pedal but it ends with a USB plug for direct connection to a computer.

These cables are compatible with all computers and with the SpokeService tension utility which supports automatic zeroing. It's easy:

  1. Connect the cable to your tensiometer.
  2. Open the utility (once open it runs entirely in your browser, no sustained web connection needed) and place the cursor in the first tension cell.
  3. Manually zero the tensiometer on this first spoke only. Also press zero on the cable box.
  4. Release and observe the reading. Now press foot switch (or the cable button) to input the number into the utility, which will convert it to actual kgf and begin building a radar chart (for archive or customer sharing).
  5. On the second spoke, place the tool. If it is not zeroed, rather than zero it manually, press the cable button once. This automatically signals the utility to adjust.
  6. Now release (observe your reading) and press the button once more. The data is sent to the utility where it is adjusted, converted to actual tension, and entered in the spreadsheet.
Complete instructions accompany all cables.

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