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Spoke Cup


The perfect cup to hold a set of spokes for oiling or lacing. It's designed so they fan out and are easy to pick up. No more tangles and spills.

Builders use a variety of jars, jugs, vases, and mugs to hold spokes during cutting and building. I’ve broken pint glasses and vases, and tipped over fistfuls of spokes.

All leading to the perfect solution: a stainless pint glass with a broad disk base that prevents tip over. The pint glass shape encourages spokes to fan out. When a handful of spokes fans out like a floral array pickup is much faster. Time consuming tangles and spills are gone.

The trick to our cup is a cone in the cup base that guides spoke ends to the perimeter, where they fall, domino-style in a fan shaped arc. With each elbow separated, they’re easily picked up for threading or lacing.

The spoke cup is laser etched "Wheel Fanatyk," has a tip-resistant 4" diameter stainless base, and weighs 14oz (390g). A chalice fit for inspired building.

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