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SCT Digital Counter


 Judging maintenance and die replacement cycles is useless unless you have a good idea about the volume of work. I regularly interface with users who have nearly no idea about the number of threadings they do. Those that claim to know are probably +/- 30%. It's time for a basic counter.

This counter is exactly what you can buy on Alibaba for $15-$20. We sourced it in some volume, cut the wire down from 20" to 6", installed a supportive wire clamp on back, and bonded a neodymium magnet to the display. It employs a sensor to count threading cycles by watching a second magnet.

To use it: 

  • Slip the gold sensor bracket under the SCT base before tightening the base to a work surface. 
  • Align the orange sensor so it rests below the moving die holder.
  • Put the smaller magnet on the bottom of the moving die holder.
  • Place the display against the back of the machine base with its magnet.
  • The indicator will stay on 24/7 . An AA battery can be accessed by removing 2 machine screws on the display back.
  • Take care with the wires as they are thin.
  • You can zero the display anytime. Keep a record of threadings to help you guide maintenance and measure die life.

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