Abbey Lacing Stands are here, USA made and $100 cheaper!

Pin Vise Nipple Inserter


A vital lacing aid is our nickel plated brass pin vise. Use it to insert nipples into a rim and on to spokes. 

With tapered, exchangeable tips, this tool picks up nipples from the Shuffler or by hand to thread onto spokes during lacing. It is a 4 sized (2 collets) vise but we only use one size for the included 13g tips. A bearing turns easily in your palm and helps the tool stand up between uses. 

It is designed for 14G nipples. Make your own tip from a 13G spoke piece—grind it more than ours and you can fit 15G nipples. To pickup 13G nipples, start with a 12G spoke piece, grinding until it picks up a 13G nipple. 

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