Abbey Lacing Stand


Hurray, Abbey Tools is releasing their lacing stand on May 15! We will receive as many as Jason can sell to us. To reserve yours, order now. 

The Noble lacing stand, designed and built by Jonny Bell, was one of our most fun and popular tools over that past several years. He shut down and transferred his catalog to Abbey Tools in Bend, OR. The lacing stand is the first to appear.

The stand is a virtual duplicate to the Noble. We don't yet have images of the axle adapters but the basic layout is easy to see. Once demand and supply settle down, they should be in steady stock.

Find out for yourself what a huge luxury a lacing stand is for your building. You'll find it especially useful for wheels with awkward components—different spokes on each wheel side, an assortment of nipple colors, hidden (Campag-like) nipples, straight pull spokes. Not to mention, interruptions by customers or pets! A lacing stand holds everything in place so you can pause, take a sip, and reflect on next steps.

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