Noble Lacing Stand


Stands to assist lacing have been used for a century, freeing hands and speeding assembly. Early in his building career, Jonny Bell (Noble Wheels, London) noticed that commercially available stands were often crude iron jigs, seemingly from the 19th century. He went to work and today his lacing stand is found in one hundred custom wheel shops. The design has evolved with his own experience and feedback from colleagues. Features:
  • Infinite tool free adjustment for ALL rim diameters
  • 3 arm rim support great for decal placement
  • Hub Axle Standards: QR (all widths), 12mm (all widths), 15mm (all widths), 9mm Track (100mm), 10mm Track (120mm), 10mm MTB (135mm)
  • Angled rim rollers (won't damage your fancy decals)
  • Hub dead center of rim - never guess for valve hole vision again
  • Enduro ABEC3 bearings
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Manual & CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminium, CNC machined acetal
  • Can be easily dismantled & wall mounted for smaller workshops
No wonder its popularity. Put one to work for yourself! We're proud to offer Jonny's stand to our North American customers. Others please purchase directly from him in London.

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