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Jobst Brandt's The Bicycle Wheel


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This is a limited reprinting of the 3rd Edition of Jobst Brandt’s classic work, a necessary reference for any aspiring wheel builder and a handsome addition to any cycling lover's library.

Jobst's pioneering research has much to do with the renaissance of wheel design now underway. Back in 1975, when his serious inquiry began, well-built wheels were all too rare and so was our understanding of the physics of this remarkable structure. Leading a motley crew of co-contributing fellow investigators, Jobst fleshed out the true nature of the tensioned wheel and recorded the details for all of us.

It took a fanatical rider and gifted engineer (Jobst), an academic community (Stanford), an energetic and curious cycling scene (Bay Area), for such a breakthrough work. It was Jobst’s intention that the book would not easily go out of relevance. Hence, a minimum reference to brands, innovations, trends, etc. Just the eternal basics of tensioned wheels. As relevant today as 40 years ago.

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