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Hozan Dishing Tool


Dishing tools are personal and each has functional, aesthetic, and sometimes historic appeal. Advanced wheel builders usually own several, using each to its advantage and sometimes making a sentimental decoration of their tool board with others.
  1. Hozan's dishing tool is strong, straight, precise, and a pleasure to use. Fits 18" to 28" wheels.
  2. The center moving piston is a high tolerance fit to its bore.
  3. The securing knob that locks it has a light and effective action. This might be the most deeply chromed piece of metal you have ever held—truly old school and utterly dazzling.
  4. Not least of all, this is the tool used by so many Japanese masters in workshops of Shimano and other wheel artisans worldwide.
It's hard to imagine another dish tool so beautiful and unique. You will be moved by its presence.

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