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Ghisallo Semidritto Wood Handlebar


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I still have a few curved wood handlebars from the days we sold Ghisallo wood bicycle components. We discontinued to focus on tools but never was there a quality issue. The Cerminati family has many generations of wood working experience and their workshop in Ghisallo is legendary, especially for wood rims in the classical style.

The bar has a slight arc and they're called Semidritto (curved)—62cm long, 25.4mm in diameter (end to end), with a displacement of 4cm (measure in the center from a line connecting the ends). This makes a wrist angle of < 8º. All these specifications are approximate because the wood is not subject to metal/CNC dimensional consistency. Weight is about 255g.

The wood is aged, fine grained beech from Slovenia. Trees are personally selected and harvested for Ghisallo use and aged and milled in their Italian workshop. It would be hard to find a tougher wood. The images show a honey maple color, shiny lacquer finish, and very tight grain. 

You get impressive strength (think ice axe or tennis racquet), vibration dampening, beauty, and sustainability. Our price is much lower than the current Ghisallo USD$96. These are the end of our stock so no custom orders or returns are possible.

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