The definitive anti-friction, anti-vibration treatment for spoke threads. Apply to clean threads like paint. Allow to dry, then build and ride, reaping benefits beyond the reach of other products.

For many, FIX is the hands-down best and yields the most luxurious and effective building experience. Imagine nipple adjustment at high tension with a smooth, almost hydraulic feeling. You have numerous candidate thread treatments from which to choose.. Try FIX and I predict it will become your favorite. Click here to download the users manual. Here is a recent blog post.

  • Richer in PTFE (aka, Teflon) providing unmatched friction reduction especially important for thin spokes and high tension. Less friction = less windup = more accuracy = less effort = faster builds = better wheels.
  • When dried, its rubbery texture is less crusty.
  • Anti-vibration thread friction is very low but permanent even after adjustments.
  • No ammonia—better for nose and environment. Water based.
  • Easy to speed cure with a heat gun.
  • Compatible with all lubes needed between nipple and rim and to resist nipple surface corrosion.

Available in 15, 30, and 60ml bottles with instructions. For OE quantities, please inquire. 15ml fixes about 75 wheels, 30ml~150 wheels, and 60ml~300. Each bottle comes with a handy York tip that, if clogged, can be easily cleared with a spoke. We use LDPE extra soft bottles for easy dispensing.

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