Abbey Lacing Stands are here, USA made and $100 cheaper!

Extra long (25mm) nipples


These 14G nipples are 1" long—the length used on many vintage bikes, especially with wood rims. We are tired of looking for them and paying too much for limited stocks so we brought some in.

These are nickel plated brass by CN Spoke. They have substantially more thread than 12mm nipples and excellent finish and uniformity. Nipple flats are 3.2mm.

As they contain more threads, spokes with traditional thread length (9–10mm) will not penetrate to the nipple end. Two easy solutions:

  • Use a shorter spoke.
  • Drive the nipples down the spoke, embedding spoke threads into the nipple—extra friction is minor, embedded threads are more resistant to failure, and nipples are protected against vibration (like nyloc).

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