Digital hub measure tool


To build a wheel you must measure your hub and rim to determine spoke length. The better your measurements, the more accurate the spoke length prediction. Here's a tool to make that easier.

Thanks to Adrian Emilsen we offer one you should consider—built with iGaging's precision digital height gauge.

The IP54 tool is a great choice.

  • Travel range: 0-6'' (150mm)
  • Resolution: 0.0005" (0.01mm)
  • Accuracy +/-0.001" (+/-0.03mm)
  • Repeatability: 0.0005" (0.01mm)
  • Large LCD Display
  • Solid aluminum base with strong magnets embedded
  • Stainless steel beam
  • Powered by a single battery which lasts about 1 year with normal use (a second spare battery is included)
  • Controls: Zero reset, On/Off, inch/mm/fraction conversion, Hold, Absolute.
  • WATER / OIL RESISTANT - Protection Classification IP54 (light splashes)

We ship it with a hub stand, a new design (7/2022):

  • High precision disk CNC 6061 aluminum.
  • 76mm OD x 13mm D x 12mm ID.
  • Hard anodized, engraved with the WF logo, and wearing the subtle machine marks that that are positively handsome.

Any QR or thru axle hub will sit on it while you adjust the measuring beam.

To determine spoke length, enter the center to flange distances for your hub in a spoke length program.

  • Set the sliding beam of the digital indicator on the base. Press “zero.”
  • Slide the beam up to the end of the hub axle (C). This is the OLD (over locknut distance). Divide by 2.
  • Slide the beam down until the display reads the OLD number. Press “zero.”
  • Now each flange (A and B) is a direct measurement of center to flange.

Add a height gauge to your workshop!

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