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Cyclus Plastic Spoke Wrenches


This venerable tool is a gypsy in the bicycle world. First offered by Delta as the "Spokey" 20yrs ago. Then available from DT as their house wrench. Sometimes available, sometimes hard to find.

The design is currently from German tool and accessory maker, Cyclus. Their plastic seems substantially more rigid and strong than Spokey. We carry the red, 3.2mm size (fits most higher end 14 and 15G nipples) and the black, 3.4mm size (fits the larger nipples often found on less expensive, Asian spokes).


  • Every builder has personal preferences. This may become your all time favorite. You deserve to own it anyway.
  • Plastic won't rust, break, and is bright red. Psychologists say red stuff goes faster. Can you build a wheel faster with a red wrench? If so, please report to us because it's highly illogical.
  • Only plastic can touch the spoke and the rim, a great feature if your rim is easily scratched, the nipple short, the spoke colored, etc.
  • What a nice feel. Light, effective, and cheap enough to go on the road or be loaned to friends.
Give it a try!

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