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Cyclus Dishing Tool


Rare is the builder who doesn't use a dishing tool and they are likely to own more than one. While no one requires several dish tools, builders tend to accumulate them—and spoke wrenches. Both tools reflect a builder's personal preferences. While one brand may outnumber another, there is no such thing as "the best." Bottom line, all dishing tools do the job—they establish whether a wheel is centered, that its rim runs midway between the axle ends.

The venerable German bike tool company, Cyclus, has been making professional bicycle tools for many decades and their dishing tool is a tradition of its own. Why should you consider a Cyclus dishing tool?

  1. If you don't already own one, go ahead and add it to the workshop. It may become your favorite!
  2. This dish tool outdoes the classic Var or Kingsbridge by being a massive, unapproached authority on wheel symmetry. The body is hefty cast aluminum, powder coated in an über deep green. Its feet are broad enough for wheels from 24" to 29". The nickel plated steel center shaft is a whopping 16mm diameter with a fine 1.5mm thread.
  3. This monarch of dish tools weighs nearly 800g—if you need to drive zombies from your neighborhood, Cyclus' dishing tool is your choice. Besides, it's very attractive and comes with two clever sliding plastic spacers enabling dish measurement with tire installed.

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