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Wheel Fanatyk Illuminated Thread Inspector


You need this magnifier to examine fine threads, especially on spokes. They vary a ton and need inspection. Be prepared! With each use, your own knowledge of what is out there, of what falls short, of who does it better... increases. Start your expertise now.

Spoke threads, in particular, are valuable to study especially if you’re mixing brands, using re-threaded spokes, or cutting your own. The Wheel Fanatyk inspector is an upscale version of a device that evolved in the fabric trade. A thread inspector is a lens mounted the exact distance over fabric so no focusing is needed. Threads can be counted to make sure knitting machines are correctly adjusted. For us, this is the perfect setup to study small, especially spoke, threads. The inspector’s metal body has a screwed on bottom cover allowing access to watch batteries that power three brilliant LEDs. A 30mm diameter 20X lens gives a broad field of vision. You’ll be astonished and informed by what you see. Don’t struggle with miss threaded small screws and spokes when you can identify their problems and move swiftly to a solution. Each inspector is shipped with a second set of batteries. For thread form examples, see here.

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