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Wheel Fanatyk Nipple Bath


Finally a simple solution to bulk nipple oiling prior to builds. A perfect companion to our Shuffler and Shuffler Tray, this clever kit bests many primitive solutions used by fast builders everywhere.

A perfect sized jar in eco-friendly PP to fill halfway with oil. What oil? Your choice. Pedro’s, Triflow, Boeshield, DuMond Tech, there are many candidates. How about something organic and good smelling? By the way, spoke thread preps are not harmed by pre-oiling and post-assembly wicking compounds still work great. Our stainless steel strainer holds up to several hundred nipples. Submerge a batch of nipples and later hang the strainer on the jar edge for draining. Once drained, dump the batch into your handy Shuffler (or equivalent). If you prefer your brew to drain more quickly, push a sharp nail through the strainer, to create larger holes in the mesh.

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