Wheel Fanatyk tape measure


In a workshop, everything matters. Even occasional tools add to your sense of confidence and comfort. Which brings me to a personal preference — I'm sentimental about tape measures. Beyond their usefulness, I identify with marking, signs of wear, history. Unfortunately, this has me keeping them for too long. Plain and simple, tape measures wear out. Just feel a new one. The action is smooth and steady. The brake and lock work perfectly. No damage around the tongue. A bright and cheerful presence. These are the tasty benefits of a fresh tape measure with all needed features. Your workshop deserves this one.

  • 3m (10') length.
  • Metric and Imperial units.
  • Maker certified to BS 7334-2:1990 standard.
  • HSLA grade 65 steel, 16mm scale.
  • Ergonomic stop and retract button.
  • Screwed together case of transparent ABS.
  • Belt clip and lanyard.


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