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Noble Dishing DRO


Here is an accessory for the discontinued Noble Lacing Stand that allows you to exactly measure wheel dish (side-to-side spacing). Jonny's lacing stand is so precise that this digital addition gives you the world's best dishing tool.

We have just a few. When they gone... that's it!

Fast to install, quick to use, you'll enjoy dishing measured like a bicycle sees a wheel. Regular dishing tools have trouble with trueness because they only see symmetry across a diameter. They don't see the whole rim.

In Jonny's words: "This attachment works by measuring the dish range of a wheel. Firstly the wheel needs to be true - the straighter the better. Pop the wheel in your lacing stand and bring the DRO arm up to touch the axle then press the zero button. Flip the wheel over and bring the DRO arm up to touch the axle again. The number on the screen is your dish range and centre dish is the number displayed divided by 2. Generally I would deem a range of 0.50mm to be acceptable but there’s no harm in going better! If you’re building with an offset like the Cannondale AI with a 6mm offset then you’d be looking for a range of 12mm on your DRO. Also this is a really handy tool for accurately offsetting rims for changes in dish caused by tubeless tyre systems."

For first generation Noble lacing stands, a replacement center post is included. Swap out the original and use the replacement for all your lacing and dishing. If you have a v2.0 stand (center post has a threaded hole in the side), let us know and we'll send the kit without the new post.


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